We received some discouraging news last night.

We were all hanging on until today when Marissa would get her PET scan and final diagnosis. It felt like some sort of finish line before the next race began. It seemed like we could relax a little, breathe deeply for the first time in three weeks when it was over. The fear that the cancer has spread would be settled. Then yesterday we received word that our insurance had denied the test. So now we will be waiting another whole week for two other tests to give us similar information.

A week isn’t a long time. A week flies by. Except when you’re waiting to see if your daughter’s cancer has been “upgraded” from a curable stage to the next one. The one we don’t want to think about.

Optimism is different than trust. Hope is different than trust. Trust is anchoring ourselves in God’s sufficiency. It is actively letting go of anxiety. It is resting in His providence. It is feeling safe in the midst of turmoil.

So we are speaking truth to ourselves. We are not trusting in test results, statistics, or words of men to ease our anxiety. We are trusting in the perfect providence of God.

Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You. Psalm 143:8

3 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I too have been waiting for this day, to hear the results of the PET scan. But God is giving us more time to pray. He’s working on His timetable. Your trust in Him is such an encouragement to me. Thanks for this blog site. It’s a help to all of us, and a glory to God.


  2. I add my thanks to others who have been encouraged by your entries on this blog. The things that you share are allowing us to watch God pour grace and more grace on your aching hearts. And that grace of God is sufficient for you and for me. We continue to pray that God will be magnified in your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus as you cast your cares on Him. Our love and prayers are with all of you.


  3. Remember, God doesn’t go by past experiences with other people’s cancer stories. Marissa is unique to Him and God can do anything. He is not bound by cancer.


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