A father’s love

Marissa, your daddy loves you.

We didn’t begin our married life thinking we would have a houseful of children, but we saw them as a blessing. We welcomed each one with the same kind of excitement, the same kind of awe. They were precious gifts from our kind Father.

Your dad loved the little ones. He held and rocked and bounced with endless patience. He worked so hard and sometimes in the evenings he would fall asleep on the floor with children jumping all around him, happy to be surrounded by love.

You know how hard he works, how almost every moment of his day is poured out for us. You know how much he loves God. You know how much he wants all of his children to love God. Some things you know.

But there are things you don’t know–how the only tears I have seen him cry have been over his children or how much he wants to take this trial from you. You don’t know that sometimes in the night when we are both awake, he comes into your room and prays. You don’t know how much he loves.

But there is One who loves you more. He formed you and wrote your days in His book. He gave His only Son to rescue you from sin. His Word is filled with promises for you. He loves you with an everlasting love.

You don’t know how much He loves. But it is worth finding out.

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. 1 John 4:16

4 thoughts on “A father’s love

  1. Hi there, I just found your blog through Mandy Bennett. You write beautifully. I wanted to let you know that I, too, had breast cancer at 25 back in 1994 when it was almost unheard of for someone so young. I Can testify that the Lord will carry you so close as you walk this valley. He truly is everything He says He is! I will pray for you all. Alisa

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  2. Alisa,

    I don’t know you, but it was so encouraging to read your post. I hope you will share more personal insights as Marissa travels this journey you have gone on before her. What a sweet testimony you have of God’s goodness.

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  3. Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you, how He is sustaining you, and how you are focusing on the Truth during this difficult trial. Praying for all of you!

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  4. All of your posts have been a window into your heart for the Lord, and an encouragement to me. But this one had me dissolved in tears, because I know the godly man you’re married to, and because I know your loving God.

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