A letter to my children

This is a hard road. This will change your lives.

A few weeks ago you didn’t even really know what cancer was. You had heard of it and prayed for people with it, but it had not touched you. You were innocent and free of its pain. You were not afraid.

But now it is here. Now you live next to it. You feel it and you see the pain of it. You can never go back to a few weeks ago. Now you are afraid.

I would not have chosen this path for our family. Given the choice, I would have run hard to escape. I would have held you close and shielded you. I would have given you happy, carefree days.

But I am not always wise. And I don’t hold the world in my hands. And I am not all-knowing. I can’t work this all out for good.

But God is, and He does, and He can.

He will.

He will use this in your heart if you let Him. He will change your mind if you read His words. He will be near to you if you draw near to Him. He will be a friend Who is closer than a brother. He will take this awful thing and bring beauty and life and joy from it.

Because that’s Who He is. And that’s what He wants you to know.

Let it change you.

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