My college roommate used to say that every person has their own level of suffering. I have found that to be true and so helpful in navigating circumstances and relationships. In my own life, there have been varying degrees of hardship. I can’t compare having a colicky baby with having a daughter with cancer, but the reality is that those were hard days. Those were days I had to endure. Those were days I had to cling to hope.

Every person has a degree of suffering. A child is afraid of the dark, a student is overwhelmed with classes and responsibilities, a mom is pouring out her life for her children, a dad is burdened with a heavy load of care. People are dealing with loneliness or weakness or pain. They are disappointed and disillusioned with themselves or with others or with life in general. They are trying so hard to make sense out of life. They are broken.

We are all broken because of sin and its curse. The whole earth is groaning, waiting to be redeemed, to be rescued from suffering. (Romans 8)  We all want to be rescued.

And that is why the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the World. That is why He died for us and rose again. That is why He lives to intercede for us. He longs to rescue us. He longs to lift our burden. He longs to give us hope. He longs to bring us peace.

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Romans 10:13

Saved from our sin. Saved from eternal suffering. Saved from separation from God. Saved from despair. Saved from brokenness.

There are hard days in this life. Some are harder than others. But if you know Jesus and His redeeming work on your behalf, you are saved. You will never be separated from God. Your eternity with Him is sure. You have no need to despair.

There is hope. There is peace.

You are healed.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


3 thoughts on “Suffering

  1. Dear Collenny, I am a male nurse very near retirement. I was at one point an oncology nurse. It was both a struggle and a blessing to go on the unit each morning. Being a Christian I realized God’s positioning me there. I had many opportunities to share the Gospel with patients ,their family and their friends. I wasn’t the only believer working on that unit . Your writings have made me think back to those intense days of caring for cancer patients of all ages except children. Being only a few miles from New York City I actually cared for a beautiful young mother who made it out of the twin towers before they collapsed. She found out a couple of months later that she had a very aggressive cancer that took her life a year after being diagnosed . How ironic is life at times ? My wife , children and grandchildren are praying for your daughter and your family day and night. What seems ironic to unbelievers is not to us as we know that our merciful and gracious Heavenly Father has each minute of each day in His hands. You are certainly going through a mighty storm with your daughter and the rest of your family but we know Who is the Captain of our ship. We are believing that this storm will pass and when it does , all will be well. Yes, all will me well. We love you and your precious child. Many many of God’s prayer warriors are on active duty battling in the trenches for the cancer to retreat. My love for you in Christ, Henry Wright RN

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