Things you will never regret

You will never regret rocking a baby and kissing a soft head while breathing in the scent of newness.

You will never regret mud pies or tea parties or your child falling asleep to your halting lullaby.

You will never regret late night talks with your teenager as you sit around a fire under the star-filled sky.

You will never regret listening to a struggling heart and loving the soul that is searching.

You will never regret kindness.

You will never regret running to God in your hopelessness and finding the eternal hope of peace with Him.

You will never regret opening your eyes to truth and the gift of faith that surges in.

You will never regret being rescued from your deepest, heaviest iniquities.

You will never regret trusting God, not in the sunshine and not in the darkest night.

In eternity, you will not regret pain or what could have been. You will not regret standing firm in your fiery trial. You will not regret the storm that drives you to your Savior’s breast. You will not regret the flood or the fire or the blackness that threatens you now.

It will be worth it all.

You will never regret loving Jesus.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory that shall be revealed to us. Romans 8:18









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