Path of totality

We witnessed a total solar eclipse this week.

It was stunning. Glorious. Beautifully sobering. God displayed in His creation–its order and majesty and power all pointing to Him.

Don’t you feel the pull of His glory?

Eclipse darkness is so different than normal darkness. There is an almost eerie quality to the air and light. I can imagine the fear in days long ago when there was little knowledge of the wonders and workings of the universe.

I can imagine a fear of not knowing what the darkness meant.

The eclipse surprised me. Surprised me by its quiet power. But startled me most of all by the light that escaped during totality. Fully dark for just a second, and then a burst of white light surrounding the moon.

The light that could not be held back.

I expected the darkness. I expected the blocking of the sun. But I did not expect the cold, dark moon to be surrounded by such glorious light.

I was startled by the light in the darkness.

This picture that remains in my mind is so dear to me. I will hold it to my heart forever.

There is no darkness that can obliterate God’s light. Even when your journey takes you down a path of unusual night, where the light is dim and frightening and fading, you can look up and be amazed at the glory of God.

He is always there. He never leaves you. In the most unnatural darkness, He provides a panoramic view of His beauty. Sometimes subtle, sometimes startling.

But always enough.

Enough to light the path ahead. Enough to assure you of His presence. Enough to disperse fear and gloom. Enough to instill hope.

The darkness is the perfect stage to display His glorious light.

He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing. He binds up the waters in his thick clouds, and the cloud is not split open under them. He covers the face of the full moon and spreads over it his cloud. He has inscribed a circle on the face of the waters at the boundary between light and darkness. The pillars of heaven tremble and are astounded at his rebuke. By his power he stilled the sea; by his understanding he shattered Rahab. By his wind the heavens were made fair; his hand pierced the fleeing serpent. Behold, these are but the outskirts of his ways, and how small a whisper do we hear of him! But the thunder of his power who can understand? Job 26:7-14









3 thoughts on “Path of totality

  1. O what a tremendous truth! Thank you so much for this reminder that the LORD is glorious in His majesty and power! In studying the gospel of John, I came upon an interesting statement regarding John 1:5 “And the light shines in the darkness; and the darkness did not comprehend it.” I’m told that the word “comprehend” means “to pounce upon something in order to bring it into one’s power so that it shall not escape or assert itself.” And this is the conduct of evil in all the Bible passages where a hostile force is active. But we read that the darkness did not overpower the light. It made strong attempts to do so, but it cannot possibly overcome, hold, or embrace “the light”. It can only resist and war against it.
    The eclipse gave us that object lesson anew. Your words were such a blessing to me today!


  2. So well said. I wondered why all the hype about this eclipse until I saw it in its totality. The eerie darkness and the light of the corona around the moon was soooo cool. God was displaying His splendor above the heavens.


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